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ēllu app

A network like no other. More connected. More fun. Always private.
Ellu offers subscription based communication app with a wearable IOT hardware device. Features like SOS, proximity, aware lets you stay better connected with your loved ones.


An app for the new generation of freelancers
Creating invoices, receiving payments to check your taxes on real time. TheGestor is everything you need to control your freelancing activity.


Grow your community in one simple space
myPTA is designed to make your community building and fundraising journey effortless and rewarding.

Value Vault

Content management platform by influencer Dan Koe
Value Vault is designed to organise your learnings and value notes into relational/highly structured forms to later create, store, update and utilise them in the best way.


The dating app women love
Woo is a premium dating app gone accessible! With a mission to spread love and help people match with like-minded individuals


TuneMoji is the first and only iOS application that allows users to exchange MusicGIFs and customized memes. Created MusicGIFs can be shared in iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Kik, and many others.


When everything is ok
The Varpet app brings together a range of construction, interior and exterior decoration, home renovation and maintenance services on one platform.


Enjoy Free International calls using GULFSIP VoIP
GULFSIP Telecom is a pioneer Arabian company that provides multi VOIP solutions worldwide

Enlive dental

Automated Dentist by Enlive is an app designed to help manage app dental clinical needs and automate font office tasks. Professionals can automate patient forms, check-ins, sign treatment plans and perform other tasks without manual work.

Visualize Global TV

Visualize Global TV allows watching favorite TV channels and listen to the preferred radio stations of users no matter their location. Users can use the application to watch both native and foreign TV channels.

Alternative Health

Messaging for the healthcare workforce
Alertive connects healthcare professionals at the point of care and relevant colleagues with all the information they need to make better decisions to improve patient outcomes.


Inoutradio is an Android radio app broadcasting from different countries. Users can choose a country and listen to local radio stations and podcasts.


Bookamed is an app designed to help administrate medical personnel working schedules while saving time. The app can be used to book sessions with GPs, nurses, HCAs, and general practice doctors.


Fitle is an eCommerce system that helps merchants to increase conversion. This system helping consumers choose the right clothes size based on their age, height, weight, and body shape. The application also provides customers with fitting recommendations and options.